MisterDuck’s Vacation Pix!


All pictures are 1600x1200, they’re big, so they make take a little while to display if you use dial-up net access!  I’m still composing the accompanying story of all these pics, but for now you have something to look at!:

Entering Arizona:

AZ Rest stop 1
AZ Rest stop 2
AZ Rest stop 3
AZ Rest stop 4


5AM Elk:

Elk 1 pic
Elk 2 pic


I get to the Canyon!  Mather Point (6 pics):

The car makes it in one piece!
The Colorado River is that itty-bitty speck in the middle of the picture
Still beautiful!
8AM and the place is crawling with tourists!
Trying to show relative size of tourist VS canyon.


Little bits of wildlife (5 pics):

A squirrel sits anxiously by, ready to pounce on your sneakers!
Find the salamander in this picture.
Squirrel takes massive leak on parking lot.
Leaking squirrel, part 2.
Squirrel writes graffiti on rock wall, gets caught!


More of the Canyon (taken at various spots along the canyon from west to east, 21 pics):

Canyon pic 21
Canyon pic 22
Canyon pic 23
Canyon pic 24
Canyon pic 25
Canyon pic 26
Canyon pic 27
Canyon pic 28
Canyon pic 29
Canyon pic 30
Canyon pic 31
Canyon pic 32
Canyon pic 33
Canyon pic 34
Canyon pic 35
Canyon pic 36
Canyon pic 37
Canyon pic 38
Canyon pic 39
Canyon pic 40
Canyon pic 41


Sedona: Mackinac Island Fudge?  Tourist traps, Hummer stores and Pink Jeeps, (7 pics):

Official Mackinac Island Fudge...in Sedona!
Sedona outside the edge of the tourist trap area
More Sedona views
And more...
More residential Sedona
Where there are tourists, there are also Pink Jeeps!
Just around the corner, there's the Hummer Store!


Kayenta, AZ, or “How to landscape with DIRT” (1 pic)


Monument Valley AZ/UT, remember all those old western movies?  (17 pics)

Monument 1 pic
Monument 2 pic
Monument 3 pic
Monument 4 pic
Monument 5 pic
Monument 6 pic
Monument 7 pic
Monument 8 pic
Monument 9 pic
Monument 10 pic
Monument 11 pic
Monument 12 pic
Monument 13 pic
Monument 14 pic
Monument 15 pic
Monument 16 pic
Balanced Rock pic


Williams Arch, directly accessible from the highway (7 pics)

Williams Arch pic 1
Williams Arch pic 2
Williams Arch pic 3
Williams Arch pic 4
Williams Arch pic 5
Williams Arch pic 6
Williams Arch pic 7


I wanna know how much a guy was paid to paint this (1 pic)


Arches National Park near Moab (27 pics)

Here's how you drive into the park
Castle Rock
Arches pic 3
Arches pic 4
Arches pic 5
Arches pic 6
Arches pic 7
Arches pic 8
Arches pic 9
Windows arch
Windows arch 2
Archves pic 10
Delicate Arch from far observation point
More Delicate Arch from afar
More Delicate Arch from afar 2
Delicate Arch from a point about 300 yards closer and 200 feet higher from previous point
Close Delicate Arch 2
Salt Valley, yes the valley is VERY turquoise colored. Viewed from the Delicate Arch view.
Salt Valley 2
Salt Valley 3
Not trusting my camera, I shot a few more Delicate Arch pics
More Salt Valley 4
Fiery Furnace
Fiery Furnace 2
Fiery Furnace 3
Fiery Furnace 4
Last pic of Arches National Park before I get rained on


Fruita, Colorado, just an early morning glow on the mountains to the south (6 pics)

Fruita pic 1
Fruita pic 2
Fruita pic 3
Fruita pic 4
Fruita pic 5
Fruita pic 6


The Wild Native Prairie Weiner Dogs of Eastern Colorado!

Prairie Weiner Dogs!
Uh-oh! One of the Prairie Weiner Dogs has spotted me! What do I do?
Off it goes to attack an SUV!
Oh no! Now they're going to attack that poor man!
They operate in pairs, you know...
The man hides in the grass, hoping not to be seen by the vicious Prairie Weiner Dogs!
Ha! His trick worked!


The Aluminum Indians of Nebraska!

The Aluminum Indians of Nebraska are a small tribe, constructing their tepees out of metallic materials and concrete!
Amazingly, these tepees only occur near present day parking lots. How strange!

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